Lake Lanier
Dive Park
I think we here in North Atlanta and Atlanta in general need a dive
park that is closer than 2-21/2 hours drive away. I propose an
underwater dive park be added to West Bank Park at Lake Lanier
(Shown below)
The dive park would

  1. 1 or more small
    wrecks (30-40 feet in
  2. Concrete pipes
    (large enough to
    swim through)
  3. Other objects large
    enough to offer

This would support:

Wreck certifications
Recovery Diver cert
Navigation Cert

It would also make diving Lanier a whole lot more
Sticks and stones
may break my bones
but they aren't much
fun to dive with!

I am getting tired of
stones, sticks and

Let's get the Corps to
help us build an
underwater dive park
in Lake Lanier!

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