Reviews for Stories in Seeds of Wonder
What people are saying about Seeds of Wonder stories:

Jim Boalaska - Mike, Read the first story in "Seeds of Wonder" so far. When an
author can hold my interest like you did, it's an author that I would read again. Good
Job, do I see an expansion of G'thar's past in our future?
The Luckiest Man:
Eugene Williams - Well crafted leaves the reader wanting more very good story
The Problem:
Nickolaus Pacione – (Editor of the Tabloid Purposes Anthologies and Darkened
Horizons Magazine) I thought you were good at Horror, but damn you are about
more attune to write Science Fiction. You're good at both and this story is one of
those examples. An Outer Limits tone to the Science Fiction with hints of the Ray
Bradbury Theater.
The Invitation:
Karla Dorman - Michael, me the creeps. Thanks a lot. If I have
nightmares, I'm blaming you! Chillingly told, this reminds me of Stephen King's
short stories, one in particular. It's "Sometimes They Come Back." That was one
that gave me the woollies for weeks after I read it.
The Hit Man:
Karen Lynn Vidra - Excellent story, mike; i love how you do it! Very well done!
The Last Story:
S Cardin - I really enjoyed this story and I'd give it a 4 1/2 out of 5. I thought the plot
was good, and pace moved well. It was very suspenseful and I could see myself in
the young 12 year old characters.
The Well:
Regis Auffray - An enthralling account, Michael. Thank you.
Karen Lynn Vidra - A chilling and effective write, Michael; very well done! bravo!
Tomorrow Never Comes:
Karla Dorman - Wow! You, my friend, know how to tell a STORY! Very well written -
engrossing words kept me hooked from the git go. BRAVO!
One Night at Bal's Tavern:
Karen Lynn Vidra - A great story, Michael; very well done! bravo!
The Heart of Atlantis:
Karen Lynn Vidra - An excellent story, Michael; very well done! bravo!         
Hazardous Duty:
Karla Dorman - Michael, *cringe*  I hates spiders...I REALLY hates 'em...but they
were necessary to augment (sorry) the story. Hazardous duty, indeed - but you
made it look so damn easy! Excellent, chilling story!
Booby Trap:
Charles M - Great story, it was very suspenseful and caused the adrenalin to flow. If
you would only write a full length novel I'd appreciate it if you let me know for I'd sure
buy it to read and share with family and friends.
Access Denied:
Nickolaus Pacione - Mike Ault knows how to capture the imagination as far as both
Horror and Sci-Fi goes, this is the key reason he is on Tabloid Purposes I and II.
The imagination he writes within is one rivaling Rod Serling.
Nickolaus Pacione - Mike Ault is one of the most gifted writers designed to write
horror -- it was an honor to have him on Tabloid Purposes One, I will be watching
this guy push and mosh his way through the ranks. This guy is one of the most
accomplished writers I've seen so far in the genre, Macey Baggett Wuesthoff
(author of Sacrifice) was onto something when she told me about him.